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Facing the Seto Inland Sea and sandwiched between Sakaide City and Marugame City, Utazu is a small town that has served as a port since the 7th century. From the mid Edo-period until its discontinuation, Utazu's salt fields flourished making it once the largest salt producer in Japan. With the construction of the Great Seto Bridge that now connects Kagawa and Okayama prefectures, these salt fields were transformed into the "New Utazu City," and Utazu was reborn as the entryway to Shikoku. Upon your visit, stroll through Utazu's Old Town while exploring its multiple temples, and enjoy "Sanuki Udon", a local noodle dish.

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Approximate travel time from major cities

Tokyo: 2 hrs (by plane & car)

Osaka: 1.75 hrs (by train)

Directions to the Neighborhood

The closest airport to Utazu is Takamatsu airport, which is approx a 1.25hr flight from Tokyo's Haneda airport. Utazu is approx. a 0.75hr drive from Takamatsu airport, and can also be accessed via Limosine bus. If you are coming from from Osaka, you can take the "Shinakansen" (bullet train) to Okayama station and take a local line to Utazu station, totalling to approx. 1.75hr travel time.




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