Bringing together efforts to preserve and revitalize Japan's undiscovered cultural wealth.

What is Kiraku Collection

When we first visited Obi, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a charming castle town replete with beautiful samurai residences (“Bukeyashiki”), Meiji-Era mansions and other historical gems, all encircled by enchanting cedar forests, hiding moss covered shrines.

But we also discovered that, despite all its charm, few people had ever heard of Obi; its historic architecture saw few visitors, or even worse, was slowly decaying away, having been abandoned for years, if not decades. And so, in an endeavor to help preserve these cultural assets, we began working on transforming two empty Bukeyashiki into luxury lodging facilities.

Meanwhile, we dug deeper, and found unexplored destinations just like Obi all over Japan, some of which could disappear before any of us have the chance to appreciate them - making us think – what could we do to address this deterioration of cultural heritage that is occurring across the country? Fortunately, we found that we weren’t alone. We have been lucky enough to meet amazing people who have already been working on this issue, restoring traditional homes into luxury lodgings long before we did.

Kiraku Collection is an attempt to bring together these homes and destinations scattered across Japan, so that they are all just a click away. In doing so, we hope to match the world’s flourishing demand for extraordinary experiences with Japan’s ample supply of undiscovered cultural wealth.

Brands in Kiraku Collection


The Experience

Explore an unexplored locale by staying at a traditional Japanese home turned luxury lodging facility.

  • An assortment of delightful dwellings

    An assortment of delightful dwellings

    From thatched roof mansions nestled in the misty valleys of Iya, to classical townhouses set among the historic alleys of Kyoto, every Home is different, making every stay unique.

  • Traditional craftsmanship staged on modern comfort

    Traditional craftsmanship staged on modern comfort

    Every Home has been carefully renovated to preserve its time-weathered beauty wherever possible, while providing familiar comforts, such as Wi-Fi, modern bathrooms, and crisp white sheets.

  • An entire Home all to yourself

    An entire Home all to yourself

    Your stay will always be exclusive - providing you the freedom to relax in, and explore from, your very own Home away from Home.

  • A fresh welcome

    A fresh welcome

    Each Home is thoughtfully cleaned and prepared to ensure a pleasant stay so you can focus on creating special memories.